The SLF delivers programming in the following tenets:


  • Thought Leadership

Our speakers are often senior leaders in large, well-known companies or leading topic experts in academia. These events invite our membership and other business professionals to engage in learning, discussion, and networking. These are typically evening, after-work events with light refreshments provided.


  • Strategy Councils

Our strategy councils are centred on specific themes and help professional gain insights into how strategic approaches in other industries can be applied to their own organisation


Led by experts, this is a great way to build your network and knowledge related to your role, interests, and strategic objectives.


The Namibia Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (NIPEA) is a registered non-profit, think tank and training organization based in Swakopmund, Namibia. NIPEA's aim is to expand environmental information disclosure to allow communities to fully understand the hazards and risks in the surrounding environment, thus promoting widespread public participation in environmental governance. 

Starting 2016, NIPEA has been working on promoting a regional / Namibia green supply chain by pushing large corporations to concentrate on procurement and the environmental performance of their suppliers. This ‘Namibia Green Choice Network’ consumer initiative looks at the environmental performance of manufacturing enterprises and calls on consumers and large scale brands, through the Brand Council of Namibia, to use their purchasing power to make green choices.


The Namibia Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (NIPEA) is the largest public policy and environmental institute of its kind in Namibia and beyond.

NIPEA promotes and raises public awareness of environmental science and public affairs by supporting professional scientists and academics working in this crucial arena. As a seminal environmental sciences and public policy organisation, the Institution is consulted by the Government of Namibia and other interested parties on environmental and public affairs issues. The Institution has strong ties with Ministry or Environment and Tourism (MET), Higher Education and promotes and supports environmental science and sustainable development in universities and colleges both nationally and internationally.

Membership of the Institution offers stepping stones on a career path - from student to Chartered status, attracting professionals of high standing with significant specialist and interdisciplinary experience.



Norway (International Office):

Terneveie | 1642 Saltnes | Norway 

Namibia Office:

ECG House | Vrede Rede Str. | P.O Box 8028, Swakopmund, Namibia

Zimbabwe Office:

Baines Avenue | Harare | Zimbabwe


Norway (International Office): +47 974 11 852

Namibia:  +264 81 878 6676 | +264 85 277 2797

Zimbabwe: +264 772 428 806 


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