Namibia Municipal Consulting Services offers customers the following services and assistance:

Namibia Municipal Consulting Services offers customers the following services and assistance:


Institutional Development


• Developing Municipal Public Participation Policy, Systems, Mechanisms and Processes

• Establishing and implementing local integrity systems to combat corruption

• Designing and installing Complaints and Petitions Procedures for Municipalities, Town Councils

• Designing and implementing Customer Relations Management Systems

• Developing Policies and Procedures to assist National, Provincial and Local Government with issues related to the decentralization of national and provincial functions to local government

• Training of municipal councilors and managers, including the development of learning material

• Developing and reviewing Committee and decision-making systems

• Developing Delegation Systems

• Developing Monitoring and Reporting Systems

• Monitoring compliance with legal duties and obligations 

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities of, and relationships between, political structures, political office bearers and municipalities’ administrations

 Organizational Design and Development


• Facilitating Organization Design and Redesign Processes

• Developing and reviewing duty sheets and job specifications (job profiling)

• Developing Work Standards for individual jobs

• Business Process Mapping and Re-Engineering

• Skills Auditing and Profiling


General Management


• Facilitating Strategic Planning Processes and implementation support using a unique and customer-friendly methodology and approach

• Facilitating Annual Business Planning Processes at Institutional and Departmental level

• Facilitating other decision-making processes

• Legal services, including reviewing of existing and drafting of new laws and by-laws, contract writing and review, implementation plans and strategies for implementing new legislation and legal briefs on new legislation affecting local government

• Developing performance management systems, including employee performance management systems and the monitoring and support of performance management processes

• Investigating alternative service delivery mechanisms

• Social facilitation

  • Consumer Awareness Campaigns

Human Resources Management


  • Human resources policy integration, development/redevelopment and review

  • Policy implementation support

  • Development of workplace rules

  • Employee attitude, grievance and satisfaction surveys

  • Designing participatory management systems

  • Developing human resources management procedures

  • Supporting implementation of collective agreements

  • Developing systems for monitoring compliance with labour legislation

  • Drafting employment contracts for top management and other employees

  • Drafting performance agreements for top management and other employees

  • Assisting with performance appraisal of managers

  • Developing and implementing employee performance management systems and performance reward and recognition guidelines

  • Development of forms for routine activities

  • Employment equity planning

  • Skills development planning

  • Assisting with the recruitment and selection of managers

  • Disciplinary investigations, investigation of alleged poor work performance and assistance with retrenchment

Communications and Information Technology


  • Information technology audits

  • Development of strategic information and communications technology systems plans

  • Design and implementation of websites

Qualification Verification and Vetting Services


  • Academic Qualification

  • Matriculation 

  • Employment History

  • Professional Association Membership 

  • Criminal 

  • Illicit Activity Search 

  • Driver’s License

  • Business Background

  • Bank

  • ID Verification and Fraud Listing 



Norway (International Office):

Terneveie | 1642 Saltnes | Norway 

Namibia Office:

ECG House | Vrede Rede Str. | P.O Box 8028, Swakopmund, Namibia

Zimbabwe Office:

Baines Avenue | Harare | Zimbabwe


Norway (International Office): +47 974 11 852

Namibia:  +264 81 878 6676 | +264 85 277 2797

Zimbabwe: +264 772 428 806 


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