Earth & Geo-Environmental Consulting Associates

“Facilitating Sustainable Urban Development with Responsible Environmental Stewardship”

Earth & Geo-Environmental Consulting Associates  is a full-service consulting arm of ECG providing cost-effective, innovative approaches to contemporary challenges. 


The firm employs an experienced group of engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, chemists and social & environmental scientists to work with clients to develop and implement site-specific solutions.


Professional town planning, environmental planning and landscape architecture services, and streamlines development projects issues are often complicated and overwhelming. The firm navigates the regulatory red tape and guides clients successfully through the waters of prevailing national policies.

Our Services include:

Geo-Environmental Planning Services:  Sustaining the Environment



Environmental planning seeks to achieve the best possible use of land and the most desirable environmental, social and economic outcomes, while minimising impacts on the environment.

The term ‘Environmental Planning’ embraces a wide range of disciplines and skills. Born out of a long tradition of statutory and town planning, as well as natural resource management, it encompasses a range of social, economic, ecological and physical environment parameters. We have developed a reputation as an innovative, reliable provider of first-class professional advice in environmental management and sustainability solutions.

Project Management: Know-how delivers value


Our focus is to create exceptional value for all client projects. Our aim is to exceed clients’ objectives, whilst still managing the requirements of all other project stakeholders.

All projects we manage are defined by an excellent understanding of leadership, politics and delegation, as well as cohesive team effort brought about by Erongo’s culture of flexibility and ‘can-do’ approach.

Specifically, our project management services include:

  • One-stop shop offering all major planning, environment and design disciplines

  • Coordination of major projects and consultants, and liaison with government

  • Provision of specialist consulting services. 

Strategic Planning: Technique and strategy


The consultants have high levels of experience and expertise in the area of strategic planning. As a result, we can ensure that projects comply fully with all statutory requirements. Furthermore, clients can rely on our wide range of technical knowledge and sensitivity to planning issues.

Erongo’s strategic planning services include:

  • Local area planning

  • Rezonings

  • Local environmental plans

  • Development control plans

  • Centre improvement programs

  • Specialist environmental advice for SPA Planning Schemes.

Town & Regional Planning: A most knowledgeable team


Planning knowledge and skills are vital to the development, improvement, management and conservation of built and natural environments. The scale of urban planning ranges widely – from local precincts through specialised land use and environmental zones, to metropolitan areas and wider regions.


Team Erongo’s consultants provide key skills in urban and regional planning, including detailed site planning and design, assessment of development proposals in line with environmental and community standards, conflict resolution and negotiation, examination of emergent problems and issues, broad-scale strategic work defining desirable future outcomes, and policy analysis and implementation.

Landscape Architecture: Natural artifice at its best

The Landscape Architecture Division has since grown rapidly since its inception, becoming an integral part of our Consulting services. The diverse team specialise in the creation of distinctive, environmentally sustainable landscape architectural and urban design solutions in response to the design challenges presented by the unique conditions in contemporary urban and natural Namibian environments.


Our design process is based on thorough site analysis and translation of the requirements of the client to a finished design solution. This careful research and thorough design process pays particular attention to the uniqueness of every site and its context, as well as its specifics of ecology, history and most importantly the human relationships to these. The result is the creation of dynamic and multi-layered landscapes, appropriate to their location and use, landscapes that not only hold their aesthetic appeal but stand the test of time.

The Landscape Architecture Team aims to achieve functionality, amenity, environmental sustainability, cost effectiveness and the provision of social equity through their work, applying a unique blend of science, art (design) and environmental sensitivity to all design projects. As urban designers, we recognises the cultural and social influences that affect human behavior and our response to the environments we all inhabit.

We have the luxury of being a multidisciplinary firm including Environmental Scientists, Environmental Planners, Town Planners and Urban Designers providing a multi-disciplinary approach to Landscape Architectural projects. The design team are skilled in a wide range of forms of expressing ideas from artistic sketches to computer design and presentation.

Through the depth of experience of the Landscape Architects, and with the support of the multidisciplinary team, Team Erongo’s Landscape Architecture Division has the ability to undertake a wide variety of services


Water Sensitive Urban Design: Maximizing Potential

Expert Witness: You can rely on our expertise

Energy Efficiency: BASIX & NatHERS

Project Management Services

Occupational Health & Safety Services

Sustainability Consulting Services 


Skip Hire, Waste Removal & Recycling


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