What you'll do

We don't manufacture anything, ECG's core business is strategy and management consulting —helping leaders make the best decisions about their most critical business issues. We help clients decide where to go (strategy) and how to get there (operations, marketing, organization, technology and M&A). 

You'll be exposed to a breadth of experience, working across industries with all kinds of organizations. We will train you to be a generalist, and you’ll quickly develop skills that can be applied across all industries and business needs. Over time, you will build increasing expertise in one sector where you will use your unique learnings from other industries. You will develop a CEO's (or "general manager's") perspective and learn to look at a business as an integrated, coherent whole—in short, you will learn how to run a business. This "crosspollination" benefits our clients too in that best practices learned from other industries directly affect the trajectory of theirs.

As a new consultant, you will develop insights and solutions to defined questions. You will quickly lead the structuring and analysis for multiple problems, often while managing a junior member of your team. Within two to three years you will be structuring the work for the entire case team as a case team leader. You will work across a full range of industries, business issues and client types.

New associate consultants will start by executing a discrete piece of analysis and quickly move to driving the analysis and identifying the client implications. The learning curve is steep but responsibility comes quickly and you'll be making an impact from day one. The experience, exposure and learnings you will gain in a short amount of time at ECG will prove invaluable to your future career potential.


Norway (International Office):

Terneveie | 1642 Saltnes | Norway 

Namibia Office:

ECG House | Vrede Rede Str. | P.O Box 8028, Swakopmund, Namibia

Zimbabwe Office:

Baines Avenue | Harare | Zimbabwe


Norway (International Office): +47 974 11 852

Namibia:  +264 81 878 6676 | +264 85 277 2797

Zimbabwe: +264 772 428 806 


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